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If you’ve had to go away in an emergency or even on holiday, you know that one of the most stressful tasks is to find a reliable pet sitter for your cats. So, a good alternative would be to find places that offer cat boarding in Toronto near you. Islington Village is the ideal place to go for.

What is Cat Boarding?

Cat boarding is a service that offers to temporarily look after your cats, while you’re away. Some places may place the animals in cages or enclosures, but quality cat boarding places will make the extra effort to make these as comfortable as possible for your cats.

For example, some cat boarding places are more like cat hotels. Your cat’s enclosure may be multi-level with its own climbing tree, and some even have aquariums to keep your cat entertained! These places will offer plenty of comfort and mental stimulation for your pets so that they don’t feel sad or lonely.

Why should I try cat boarding?

Premium cat boarding facilities will ensure that your cat is given adequate food and water in the correct amounts and times. They will always be kept secure and be given loving attention by carers.

At home, you can never guarantee your cat’s safety, especially if it’s an outdoor cat that likes to wander around. Paying for cat boarding may be a small price to pay if it means your cat doesn’t get lost or get unexpectedly ill.

How should I choose a cat boarding?

An excellent cat boarding or hotel will have a variety of features to keep your cat safe and comfortable as possible. It would also be ideal to select a place close to where you live for your convenience. Islington Village offers cat boarding in Toronto, with the following amenities:

  • Meals are provided twice in a day unless the owner requests more.
  • Secure private enclosure with comfy cat bedding and toys
  • Safe and secure play area, complete with a giant cat tree to keep your kitty engaged.
  • Dedicated individual playtime with staff members once or twice during a day.

What should I expect with cat boarding?

There are many misconceptions around cat boarding, such as:

Cats and Dogs boarded together - This is not true; any responsible cat boarding will have separate places to board cats and dogs.

My cat will catch diseases being so close to other cats - In good cat boardings, cats are never boarded together. They don’t share sleeping space or food bowls with other cats and are alone with carers at playtime.

Before placing your kitty at a boarding, you should ensure that their vaccinations are in order and they don’t carry infectious diseases. You could also make special requests for your cats, such as feeding certain foods or even bring your cat’s favorite toy or bed along.

It’s crucial that you find a reputable cat boarding that provides ultimate safety, comfort, and security for your kitty. Islington Village offers excellent cat boarding in Toronto so that you can have the peace of mind you need while you’re away.

Cat Boarding Toronto
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Cat Boarding Toronto
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