Dog Xrays Southwest Edmonton

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Dog Xrays Southwest Edmonton

Our beloved fur babies fall sick or get injuries like humans on any given day; hence the vet may not be enough in determining the exact ailment within the pet without an X-ray exam. They may need to establish organs' size or watch for abnormalities and damages to the bones or teeth. Here is what you need to understand about dog X-rays in Southwest Edmonton.

Everything about dog x-rays

Preparing the dog for the exam

There is no reason to worry about the pet’s safety for X-rays when you know the best ways to prepare for the exam. Your most significant task is to keep calm so they can stay put if we do not need anesthesia. You must let us know about any illnesses or surgeries before we begin the process.

X-ray process

The general veterinary imaging and x-ray exam should take up to ten minutes, depending on the size of the pet and severity of illness. The process begins by placing a plastic cassette under the desired area of the target. We will sedate the pet and take a set of images. The entire process is painless and quick, so you do not have to expect any surprises.

The pet will get a barium X-ray to determine problems with the digestive system. The barium will appear as a white speck in the exam and help establish issues in the stomach or blockages along the tract.


The cost of the exam depends on multiple factors. A giant pet is slightly harder to X-ray; hence it may cost more than a kitten. The fee will also depend on the following factors:

  • Frequency of the exam
  • Location
  • The current standard pricing of our animal hospital near Southwest Edmonton
  • Need to sedate the pet

What is the difference between dog x-rays and human x-rays

Many pet owners wonder whether they can use their familiar hospital doctor for radiology exams. Both forms' technical procedure is relatively the same, but they have different factors that need completely different settings. The human hospital may have to adjust their machines to the difference in skin thickness and fur. The social X-ray is easier to study than radiology for dogs in Southwest Edmonton because some pets have different anatomy with complex functions.


A pet should warrant the same financial planning as any other living resident of the home. Some people keep an emergency fund for their pets, while others prefer the insurance system. Pet health insurance policies have significant benefits and are a great safety net for the pet to get immediate medical attention. Talk to Windermere Vet Hospital for details on our insurance acceptance policy.

Application of X-ray for pets

X-rays are great medical tools because they are acute at analyzing the internal state of the pet. The vet will use the exam is they suspect that the dog has the following conditions:

  • Pregnancy
  • Broken bones
  • Cancer tumors
  • Foreign objects
  • Orthopedic problems
  • Intestinal problems
  • Bladder stones

X-rays do not diagnose issues like bone bruises or torn ligaments. Our veterinary clinic veterinarian in Edmonton has enough experience to establish the exact condition of the heart, brain, and other vital organs within the exam's same session. Book your appointment online or call 780-757-5554 for further consultation.


Dog Xrays Southwest Edmonton
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Dog Xrays Southwest Edmonton
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